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It’s my joy to work with people all across the nation!
Join our health & wellness team from anywhere in the USA! I will help mentor and coach you, but also help you make extra income while doing it!

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More Money For Musicians, Wrestlers & Independent Contractors

I’m a musician and entertainer and I’ve been in the world of Pro Wrestling for years. I’ve watched my friends try and make it in entertainment and live pay check to pay check for a long time. Every month they came up short.

Watch this video till the end. I can help you. No tricks, gimmicks or stress. Sign up and do what I tell you to do and you will be making money in an hour.

If you are a good person, a hustler, have a great attitude, and are willing to go to work, I can really help you. I stumbled upon something I do part time that brings me full time income and it’s actually very easy. I want to help. Helping you, helps me.

If you or anyone you know is just at the breaking point, I understand. And I get having that burning desire to have to KEEP GOING with music. Let me show you something that is working for me and my friends.

Look me up, Goldy Locks. You will see I’ve done a lot and keep a pretty big machine going. I can’t support what I’ve built with entertainment income alone. This has been a God send.

Serious minds and great hearts only. Peace be with you all. Live long and Rock hard, Goldy

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You Don’t Need No Man!

It’s ROCK N’ ROLL meets THIS OLD HOUSE when singer/songwriter and reality TV diva, Goldy Locks, presents “YOU DON’T NEED NO MAN!”

With characteristic humor and edgy commentary, (“You don’t want to NEED a man! You want to WANT a man!”), the brash, sassy and independent rocker chick delivers surprisingly expert how-to advice on home improvement, remodeling, car repair, tools and materials. Leaky toilet? Busted screen? Goldy takes you from fretting to fixed-it in a wise-cracking snap.

And boys, don’t feel left out. You just might learn a thing or two. With creative ideas, photos and step-by-step videos, Goldy will transform just about anyone into a DIY Diva!

Who needs diamonds? Power tools are a girl’s best friend!

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A PSA we did for The MS Fitness Challenge helping Multiple Sclerosis

This is a ‪#‎PSA‬ I did with David Lyons to inform people on the MS Fitness Challenge. This amazing charity helps pair people with Multiple Sclerosis with certified personal trainers to help the build strength through health & fitness.
Check out today.

Click the donate button and help change the lives of so many who really need it!

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Sometimes, a really cool person shows up at a performance with a GREAT attitude, a kind heart and love for music of ALL types. Our band was lucky enough to have Navi Brar of Prime Pollution stop by Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville KY with not only his musical talent but shooting to boot. He grabbed this footage and created this LIVE Goldy lockS Band video featuring Rod Saylor, J.Paul Brittian and Sean O’Bryan Smith.

Thank you Prime Pollution for being so damn cool. Please visit THIER YouTube channel

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TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates Features Penny-Pinching Entrepreneur and Former Pro Wrestling Star, Goldy Locks


Purple Poster NEW LOGONashville, TN — She’s a rock artist who’s shared the stage with the likes of Pink and Bret Michaels. She’s Goldy Locks: rocker, motivational speaker, a former pro wrestling personality with an attitude. She is a fierce fitness buff, celebrity photographer and an entrepreneur with a hot line of accessories. At one moment sensitive and funny, and next minute an abrasive, outright badass, Goldy is also a notorious cheapskate.

With her seemingly endless supply of energy and ideas, this penny-pinching diva shares her sometimes-startling cost-saving tactics in a forthcoming episode ofTLC’s Extreme Cheapskates.

Members of the touring rock band that bears her name are accustomed to Goldy’s stingy do-it-for-less strategies. Foregoing even the cheapest motels, they sleep in a cramped van and act as lookouts while Goldy “crashes” other people’s machines at a laundromat with her own dirty duds, smuggled in inside a guitar case.

Those fancy stage costumes? Likely something cobbled together from a mix of thrift store fare and discarded items scavenged from a neighbor’s trash. A renovated hospital serves as home and office, complete with lingering gems like the salvaged bedpan repurposed for the use of Goldy’s beloved cat, Annie.

“My motto is, ‘Don’t you dare throw it away, whatever it is,’” Goldy says. Her unique line of accessories, artistically crafted from found and salvaged materials, is a reflection of that philosophy.

And just wait to learn Goldy’s jaw-dropping savings tip for, uh, personal hygiene needs.

Country Music icon, Dolly Parton, has been quoted as saying, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” In contrast, Goldy Locks takes penny-pinching to the extreme in order to make things look like a million bucks.

Goldy Locks will reveal her unconventional cheapskate skills on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Wednesday, Nov. 5. Wednesday, November 5 at 9PM ET/PT. Fans can comment on the episode during the show using #ExtremeCheapskates and @goldylocksrocks on Twitter as the show airs.

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